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SubjectRe: NWFS Source Code Posted at
In message <>, "Jeff V. Merkey" writes:
> Steve Dodd wrote:
> > AIUI [0], Al Viro, Stephen Tweedie, and a number of others have some
> > interesting plans for the block device layer, buffer cache and page cache,
> > and the interactions between them and with the VFS -- for 2.5. I assume
> > they're busy with tidying up 2.4pre loose ends at the moment, but hopefully
> > after 2.4 is out the door and stable there will be some discussion of the
> > planned changes on linux-fsdevel. It sounds (I've not looked at your code yet)
> > like your input would be useful when that happens. An I/O system that meets
> > everyone's needs for 2.6 would be a great goal..
> >
> > BTW, regarding your comments about Linux documentation - have you looked at
> > the work Alan Cox is doing on this yet?
> >
> Yes, i've looked at Alan's Documentation stuff. And as always, Alan's
> work is absolutely excellent -- however, what's really needed is
> something like NT puts out with their IFS Kits, a sample VFS code
> example for a NULL file system for folks who are porting to Linux.

If you'd like a stackable f/s example, look at my work called "fist". It
includes stackable file system templates and examples derived from it: a
wrapper file system called wrapfs, and example such as ro13fs, cryptfs, and

At the moment, the linux kernel needs very small passive patches to support
loadable stackable modules. I've submitted those and hope they will be
incorporated before 2.4 is out officially.

I also plan to submit my template to Linus etc. for inclusion. The
templates work just like lofs, but they are also an excellent way of
learning how to write stackable file systems (and would nicely complement
any improved documentation), and deriving new file systems out of it.

> Would cut down on time along with an "oh shit" list of interface issues
> to watch out for. Richard Gooch did a decent job on the vfs.txt file
> (it was better than nothing). We need more though to get on par with
> NT.
> Jeff


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