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SubjectRe: NWFS Source Code Posted at

Matthew Kirkwood wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Mar 2000, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
> > > BTW, regarding your comments about Linux documentation - have you looked
> > > at the work Alan Cox is doing on this yet?
> >
> > Yes, i've looked at Alan's Documentation stuff. And as always, Alan's
> > work is absolutely excellent -- however, what's really needed is
> > something like NT puts out with their IFS Kits,
> The IFS kits are export restricted.

True, but they are rife with examples, docs, and code. The NT IFS is
one of the most complex beasts I've ever worked on. The [ ... try {}
finally ... } C++ exception handling is what makes it so complex --
unwind cases from the VM Cache Manager can be very challening.

> > a sample VFS code example for a NULL file system for folks who are
> > porting to Linux.
> As I understand it, your nwfs is probably the first filesystem to
> have been successfully "ported" to Linux. Pretty much everything
> else (with, perhaps, the exception of the abomination that is the
> NTFS driver) started off native.
> The multiple times that I have written 30 to 70% of a filesystem,
> I found the romfs and minixfs code to be most instructive as a
> guide to the VFS interfaces. The buffer and page cache stuff is
> rather harder to track down canonical examples for, though again
> minixfs is pretty helpful, if rather simplistic.

I agree that the Minix code is a great example -- I use it for reference
as well.


> Matthew.

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