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    SubjectRe: The 2.3.x Job List (Updated)
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > Use PCI DMA 'lost interrupt' problem with some hw [which ?]

    There are a few APIC patches that should be added before 2.4:

    * TLB flush should used highest priority instead of lowest priority
    * `ls /proc/irq/*`: the smp affinity code creates multiple folders with
    the same name, looks funny ;)
    * we should set the smp affinity mask to the actual cpu online mask, at
    least that fixed the 'lost interrupt' problems on my board [Gigabyte
    BXD, 440BX chipset]. Perhaps we should do that for UP IOAPIC as well.

    I forwarded everything to Ingo.

    Mike Porter noticed that the PIIX code and the hdparm -i output don't
    match, perhaps this explains the remaining problems - apart from broken
    hardware ;)


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