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    SubjectRe: automatic routing in 2.2.*
    On Wed, 29 Mar 2000, Peter T. Breuer wrote:
    > It's a very appropriate view. It's close to how NICs actually work.
    > However, so what? It doesn't have any implications that I can þlainly
    > see. Are you saying that ifconfig is broken, in that it shouldn't down
    > the device when you down the alias, and it does? Or are you saying that
    > ifconfig is right? I believe you are saying that the action of ifconfig
    > is wrong - it should remove the alias instead of downing the device when
    > we ask that the alias be downed? But I'm goshed if I can see that you
    > are saying anything that has a definite consequence for the interface
    > design.

    Yes, ifconfig -was- broken, I don't know if it still is, I would guess it's
    been fixed.

    I stopped using ifconfig and route ages ago because I had similar problems.
    I needed more granular control over the interfaces and routing tables than
    ifconfig and route could give me.

    My recommendation is to check on the latest version of net-tools, not the
    latest that debian has. I also recommend reviewing 'ip' as a replacement
    for ifconfig and route. Particularly when dealing with interface aliases or
    quirky routing.


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