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Subject[patch] fairsched-0.30

Fairsched is a hierarchical fair CPU scheduler. Processes are divided
into groups and each group receives guaranteed CPU time allocation
proportional to its weight. The standard scheduler is used to schedule
processes within a group. It can be used to divide CPU time fairly
among users or for more flexible CPU time allocation on busy compute
servers. Kernel patch, documentation and a testing utility can be
found at:

New since v0.15 (there have been a few releases since then, I don't
announce every one on the list):

- added support for large number of nodes in the scheduling tree
- made maximum number of nodes configurable via sysctl
- a process can now move itself to a new node
- removed fairsched_getpnid system call
- gratuitous name change: PNid is now FNid in /proc/<pid>/status
- beautified /proc/fairsched
- fixed a couple more SMP races, now even more stable on SMP ;-)
- fixed a couple of minor bugs
- ported to 2.3.99-pre3, system call numbers changed on alpha, i386, sh
- updated testing utility


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