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    SubjectRe: Avoiding OOM on overcommit...?
    On Mon, 27 Mar 2000, Peter T. Breuer wrote:
    >"A month of sundays ago David Whysong wrote:"

    >> the stack still dynamically grows, you have to make sure that you never
    >> use more than the preallocated backing store.
    >> Is that right?
    >Yes. But there is nothing to make sure of. I propose that the process
    >cannot start unless it has the backing store for its rlimit available -
    >and that that store will be bound to it by the kernel for its and it
    >alones future use until death do it part.

    You want to reserve up to the hard rlimit? That can be a LOT of memory per

    A malloc that touches all pages and returns zero on SIGSEGV is
    an elegant solution for the heap.

    Pre-allocating swap space up to the stack rlimit works, so long as the
    kernel handles the case where the rlimit is increased. But this is a less
    elegant solution, because you waste some resources in the common case.

    I realize I'm splitting hairs here, and root is allowed to kill the
    system... but root can increase his hard rlimit.


    David Whysong
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