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    SubjectAnswer (Re: Cylinder limits jumper for drives over 32GB)

    Andries.........I have your answer to JUMPON.EXE.

    Prepare to live DANGEROUSLY if we muck with the "XXXX_MAX_ADDRESS".
    There are AWARD Bios issues that prevent the System from getting past the
    BIOS INIT's if the geometry exceeds 32GB.

    We have a few options before we get to the DANGEROUS stuff.......

    But lets cover that first!

    Assume the user has run "JUMPON.EXE" to reduce the drive capactity to get
    the drive under 32GB so the system will boot. We can call the
    "XXXX_MAX_ADDRESS" pair and undo the "JUMPON.EXE" to give the user the
    full drive capacity; however, failure to enable the drive geometry
    limitation will cause the system to not boot again!!

    Now assume that we got it correct and can force the drive capacity to
    return to the orginal smaller size during shutdown. Next the user builds
    a new kernel and the option is not enable by a config_flag or passed
    parameter and the last partition(s) is(are) on the last portion of the
    ummapped drive..........OOPS........worse if any partition is divided into
    two parts because of the location of the CAPACITY LIMITS wrt partition
    table.........a HUGE FS mess.........

    Now that if have scared the crap out of thinking this issue
    to death..........I will have to come up with a safe way to do this.....


    Andre Hedrick
    The Linux ATA/IDE guy

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