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SubjectRe: Kernel patch: keyboard.

> > > Well, this patch is about these three new keys that some new
> > > keyboards have: suspend, resume and poweroff. These keys don't work
> > > on Linux by default, and I have decoded their scancodes and included
> > > them in the kernel keyboard conversion tables.
> >
> > Very good!
> >
> > Unfortunately, these days there are many new keyboards, with dozens
> > of new keys, so it is impossible to assign each key its own keycode
> > (since for the time being keycodes are restricted to the range
> > 1-127).
> Andreas, these are special. If you go and buy new keyboard, it will
> have those nasty keys. It is not like those "multimedia" keys which
> differ from keyboard to keyboard -- this is more like L-window,
> R-window and Menu "windows95" keys.
> I know. It is a Microsoft standard. See
> [Still, the Microsoft Internet keyboards one can buy here today
> do not yet have these keys.]
> The patch is harmless, and vaguely useful, and superfluous:
> if the purpose of the kernel patch is to attach uses via loadkeys,
> then without the patch one needs setkeycodes followed by loadkeys.

That patch allows to use new keys for new in-kernel use (such as going
suspend using apm when one of those is present). We also might want to
assign standart sequences for these keys in

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