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SubjectUSB and ISAPnP Modem PROBLEMS on 2.3 kernels
On just about every 2.3 kernel (and 2.3.99pre3 as well) I have never been able to solve these two problems:

USB: Depmod -a doesn't do dependency information, always sais "undefined symbols". I've tried a lot of stuff and it just doesn't
happen. This is probably common, but why, and when will it be fixed? Insmodding every module is a pain...

ISAPnP Modem: My 56k Zoom modem, which works just fine on /dev/ttyS2 if I setserial it with irq 5 and port 0x03e8 on 2.2 kernels, no
longer works. I figure it might be an ISAPnP/kernel or setserial/kernel problem...

Any continuing comments on this post, anything that may help get my modem working, that'd be greatly appreciated. The device ID is
OZO800f by the way.

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