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SubjectRe: Cylinder limits jumper for drives over 32GB
> 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 23a5


This afternoon I have played a bit with READ_NATIVE_MAX_ADDRESS
and SET_MAX_ADDRESS, and find for my 36.5 GB Maxtor the following:

[In CHS mode I get #cylinders mod 65536, in LBA mode the correct answer.]

(ii) SET_MAX_ADDRESS works whenever I want to set the max address
to anything at least 255 sectors from the end. So, as soon as I
have used SET_MAX_ADDRESS, 255 sectors or 130kB is gone.
A reboot does not suffice to get this back, but after a power cycle
the disk has full capacity again.

(I wonder whether this is a bug. The way I read the ATA-5 spec
it should be possible to do SET_MAX_ADDRESS to the address
gotten back from READ_NATIVE_MAX_ADDRESS.)

A side effect of SET_MAX_ADDRESS is that the current geometry
is reset to 16383/16/63.


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