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    SubjectRe: Keyboard rate question..
    Mike A. Harris writes:
    > On systems where one keyboard is shared between two or more
    > computers, when you switch the mechanical switch from one machine
    > to the next, the keyboard repeat rate gets reset to slowness.
    > I'd like the keyboard to maintain my repeat rate across this if
    > possible. I'd like it to be seamless - so no user needs to do
    > anything. Thus I figured the best way would be to have the
    > keyboard handler detect the keyboard disappearing and reappearing
    > and reprogram the repeat rate. Another option would be to
    > reprogram the repeat rate upon VC switch.
    > Any other ideas? Sample code? I'd really appreciate it,
    > thanks..

    I have some code which I'm planning to put into the kernel at some point
    which does soft-autorepeat (it ignores any hardware repeat that the keyboard
    may do in any mode other than RAW).

    I cooked up this patch because:

    1. Some keyboards on ARM hardware do not autorepeat
    2. I got annoyed with the behaviour you describe above, except I was
    using 4 computers, and rebooting one of them resets the keyboards

    I haven't submitted it to Linus yet because the delay and repeat rates
    are currently #define-coded into the code, and therefore are not run-time
    configurable (maybe someone would like to fix this?).

    Which kernel version are you using?
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