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    SubjectRe: Unfreed kernel buffers (fsck and 2.3.99-pre*)

    On Thu, 23 Mar 2000, Mike Galbraith wrote:

    > > Summary: If I open a suitably large text file in Emacs, and the system
    > > swaps liberally, and the application is closed -- those swapped pages are
    > > not immediately released in 2.3.99-pre* (up to pre3-5), but only upon
    > > "demand".
    > Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this. Here, after a day
    > of swap testing, I ended up with 100meg of something unidentifiable
    > hanging out in swap.
    > I think that this is a problem. If I bloat up swap with netscape,

    The vm changes between pre3-5 and pre3-7 seems to have eliminated this
    issue for me. If I do the same test as before, swap goes from 23 MB
    committed quickly back to only 4 MB after emacs closure, not 17 MB as it
    did in pre3-5. It now works much better for me; there's nothing like
    putting the system under memory load and seeing that it still has to deal
    with the cruft from the last serious operation. Which was why I inquired
    about it. :)

    So, does pre3-7+ help you in this regard?

    Craig Kulesa

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