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    Subjectext2fs bug : files are disapeared, unable to delete, two files' contents are switched etc.

    With small free memory and frequent file create/delete operations,
    ext2 shows many problems.
    Sometimes files are disapeared, unable to delete, two files' contents are
    fsck finds inconsitencies in the properly unmounted filesystem etc.
    I'm not sure if this patch fixes all the problems but I cannot see the
    problems any more.

    tested platform is UP2000, 1 CPU(EV67 750MHz), 256M, 2.2.14
    While one process is creating a file, it can be switched to do disk I/O like
    stack trace.

    schedule+0x1b0 (AR:0xfffffc0005d0bd48)
    sleep_on+0x5c (AR:0xfffffc0005d0bd68)
    wakeup_bdflush+0x50 (AR:0xfffffc0005d0bd98)
    refile_buffer+0x10c (AR:0xfffffc0005d0bda8) -> mark_buffer_dirty()
    ext2_add_entry+0x3ac (AR:0xfffffc0005d0bdc8)
    ext2_create+0xe4 (AR:0xfffffc0005d0be28)
    open_namei+0x1c4 (AR:0xfffffc0005d0be78)
    filp_open+0x80 (AR:0xfffffc0005d0beb8)
    sys_open+0x6c (AR:0xfffffc0005d0bee8)
    Exception frame:
    entSys+0xa8 (AR:0xfffffc0005d0bf18)

    At that time ext2_add_entry() found a empty directory entry and It's going
    be used for the new file being created. but it's not locked or marked.
    While it's sleeping, another process can steal the directory entry, because
    there's no sign that it's being used.
    After return from sleep, first process continues the file creation
    But the directory entry is already being used for another file and
    first process(in ext2_add_entry()) doesn't check it.
    And all the problems starts here.
    Mixed efforts with dcache, It makes many symptoms.

    Supposing that ext2 is MP safe, my fix for this problem is removing
    mark_buffer_dirty() in ext2_add_entry(), simple.
    Every caller of ext2_add_entry() calls mark_buffer_dirty(), So it's
    Then the first process would not sleep until the directory entry is marked
    allocated inode.

    --- fs/ext2/ Tue Mar 21 17:44:52 2000
    +++ fs/ext2/namei.c Tue Mar 21 15:32:13 2000
    @@ -302,7 +302,7 @@
    dir->u.ext2_i.i_flags &= ~EXT2_BTREE_FL;
    dir->i_version = ++global_event;
    - mark_buffer_dirty(bh, 1);
    +// mark_buffer_dirty(bh, 1);
    *res_dir = de;
    *err = 0;
    return bh;

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