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    Subjecttask_lock allows denial of service [+PATCH]


    I had lots of problems with 2.3.5x/99x arbitarily blocking all /proc
    accesses. It turns out that task_lock is to blame. I had a mgetty
    hanging around which exited regularly and hung for a long time in the
    serial driver's filp close function. While that all ps
    ran into the locked exit_sem of the mgetty and blocked.

    [Al, this seems to explain the loopback bugs I complained about
    earlier. Heavy loopback usage just makes it more likely to run
    into this]

    It seems to be mostly an issue with the serial driver, most other
    closers that could block (e.g TCP) check for PF_EXITING and do not wait
    that long in process close. I'm not sure why it doesn't block asynchronously
    like TCP.

    My easy fix was to just move most of exit's work outside task_lock.
    As far as I can see the files accesses are safe (proc seems to check
    task->files again after sleeping), and the MM has its own semaphore.
    What it only needs to protect against is against the process completely
    disappearing, which can be done by just doing the remove from the proc
    tree inside the semaphore. All the other __exit_* do not block.

    This all assumes that do_exit and proc are running in the big kernel
    lock, which is fine for 2.4. 2.5 probably needs a different solution.

    I appended the patch.

    Linus, could you apply it?



    --- linux/kernel/exit.c-o Wed Mar 15 20:27:17 2000
    +++ linux/kernel/exit.c Tue Mar 21 22:51:12 2000
    @@ -414,12 +414,12 @@
    - task_lock(tsk);
    + task_lock(tsk);
    tsk->state = TASK_ZOMBIE;
    tsk->exit_code = code;

    This is like TV. I don't like TV.

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