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SubjectRe: [2.3.99pre2] [CORRUPTION] Doh! Corruption problems again...
On Tue, Mar 21, 2000 at 09:29:18AM -0800, Simon Kirby wrote:

> I just reproduced it copying in the exact opposite direction (/dev/hdb1
> to /dev/hdc2) from the original way I reproduced it. This is from a 2K
> to a 1K. Aha! I just reproduced it going from /dev/hdb4 (4K) to /dev/hdc2
> (1K), so the source blocksize does not seem to matter. I should see if I
> can reformat hdc to have a 4K filesystem, I suppose... Although I'm
> getting the feeling the problem might be completely independent of block
> size...
> So, SMP definitely makes a difference and IDE bus definitely makes a
> difference.

Oops, I didn't have /dev/hdb4 mounted at the time ("nocheck" was removed
from the latest kernels and I had to do some fstab tweaking), and now
when I try to reproduce it with the 4K filesystem mounted, I can't
reproduce it. Previously, I reproduced it from (accidentally) /dev/hda2
(2K) copying to /dev/hdc2 (1K). I also can't reproduce it from /dev/hda4
(another 4K filesystem on the same drive as where I reproduced it before
on (hda2)). So, maybe there is also a relation to 4K filesystems.

So, it seems to depend on SMP being true, copying over different IDE
buses (maybe), and copying from a non-4K EXT2 filesystem (maybe).

*boggle* :)


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