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    SubjectRe: Video CD under Linux
    On Tue, Mar 21, 2000 at 01:55:22PM +0100, Per Lundberg wrote:
    > I've recently discovered that the "VCD format", i.e. 2352 bytes
    > sectors, seem to be completely unsupported under Linux (both in terms
    > of reading and writing CD:s). Am I correct? If so, how come? Is it
    > just that nobody has bothered to implement it?

    its not unsupported, you can read/play VCDs using xreadvcd, mtv (
    or the dxr2's dvdplay (with vcd patch)...

    the more important question (for me) is, how to write video cds? i have mpeg1
    video files and want to burn one....tried to burn one file directly as a XA2
    track using cdrecord..the result were a lots of data overrun detected messages
    from the kernel...

    is there anyone who successfully burned a video cd and can tell me how?


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