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SubjectRe: [OT] Microsoft invents symbolic links
"Stuart MacDonald" <> writes:
> From: "Mark Hahn" <>
> > it's just a content-addressable filestore. nothing new, and definitely
> > unrelated to symlinks. the point is to uniquify files, almost certainly
> Anyone want to impart clue? I'm under the impression that symlinks
> and shortcuts are the same thing; hardlinks and shortcuts are
> different.
> ..Stu

AFAIK, shortcuts are symlinks with funny semantics, (eg. start in
directory foo option) that only the Windows GUI seems to understand.
Ie. nothing like them at all.

The technique described in the paper looks like an automatic method of
collecting files from around the network and storing them at a central
server. The files on local computers would have to be replaced with
something more like true symlinks.

What happens if your only "Single Instance Server" goes down, is not
explained in the article.


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