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    SubjectRe: ext3 status?


    I am assuming that the journal is being handled as a file (since it's
    represented as an inode), so after the convert, if I create the journal
    file empty, or not at all, EXT3 will auto-create it the first time the
    volume is mounted? This is what I am doing at present with NetWare2NTFS
    conversion (create it empty) and the first time Windows 2000 mounts the
    converted volume, the journal and the first 16 meta files are created
    when the volume is mounted.

    Are there any meta-files other than the journal on EXT3 that may require
    to be present empty or with default data after the conversion less
    inodes and data extent records?

    (OT)BTW - the NTFS driver (write) in Linux has data corruption on W2K.
    I have reviewed the code, and the on-disk structures are WRONG in
    several places, and several of the internal attribute records are making
    incorrect assumptions about some of the record fields. What's there
    will cause severe data-corruption if you are switching between the two
    platforms with a single partition image, particularly with the later W2K
    NTFS implementation (though NT 4.0 seemed to be OK -- some problems with
    the journal). The NTFS driver we tested was using the earlier FS
    implementation (n/2), not the newer W2K formats. The first time W2K
    mounts an NTFS volume with 4.0 format, it will auto-convert the NTFS
    volume to the W2K Volume Manager formats under Windows 2000, including
    any stripe sets, and potentially make incorrect decisions about
    attribute assignment if a journal is present and the volume has been
    booted under NT 4.0 after Linux has written to it.

    Thought you might like to know. We contracturally cannot help fix the
    NTFS driver in Linux, but we can point out potential problems and
    explain them to the best of our understanding.


    "Stephen C. Tweedie" wrote:
    > Hi,
    > On Wed, 01 Mar 2000 12:34:52 -0700, "Jeff V. Merkey"
    > <> said:
    > > We are working on the on-disk conversion from Netware to EXT2 on disk
    > > formats. I have not looked at the EXT3 code (but will soon). Were
    > > any of the changes to the on-disk formats too radical that we should
    > > be aware of?
    > No, none at all right now. The journal is in a separate inode
    > referenced by a currently-unused superblock field. There are a couple
    > of new superblock compatibility flags used. Nothing else has changed:
    > all the clever stuff goes on inside the journal itself.
    > --Stephen
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