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    SubjectRe: Stopping ptraced processes
    Victor Zandy <> writes:
    > On x86 Linux 2.2.12, I can't figure out a reliable way to keep a
    > process stopped after ptrace operations.
    > For example, after this sequence
    > ptrace(PTRACE_ATTACH, pid, 0, 0);
    > waitpid(pid, NULL, 0);
    > ptrace(PTRACE_DETACH, pid, 0, SIGSTOP);
    > the process (pid) is not stopped. So this does not help me.

    I can't see an easy way to keep the child stopped after a detach, either.
    Here's my guess as to what's happening:

    The PTRACE_DETACH is doing a sort of fake SIGCONT (wake_up_process), which
    apparently wins out (most of the time, anyway) over the SIGSTOP you're sending
    in the fourth argument. (Maybe the kernel should be patched to not do the
    SIGCONT in this case.)

    I believe the behavior you're seeing basically comes down to a race between
    the SIGCONT and the SIGSTOP. For case 3 in your program, for example, I
    usually see the child left stopped, but occasionally it will be left running
    (on 2.3.39).

    (There might be an excessively clever way to get the stop to happen. For
    example, write a 'kill(self, SIGSTOP)' system call at the current PC, do a
    PTRACE_SYSCALL, then at the first stop undo the write and back the PC up to
    the original code, then do the DETACH. I haven't tried this. Even if it
    worked, it seems way too dodgy to actually use.)


    Any sufficiently adverse technology is indistinguishable from Microsoft.

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