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SubjectRe: Some questions about linux kernel.
Den 16-Mar-00 15:28:28 skrev Horst von Brand følgende om "Re: Some questions about linux kernel. ":
> "DeRobertis" <> said:

>> Some of us will. And (reasonably) sensible ones can be by default:
>> init, syslogd, very important stuff -20

> "very important stuff" is a very wide term... it will end up being "all
> root processes", and that is (essentially) square one.

That's for the system administrator to decide. As a note: If you can't
trust the processes running as root, you're fscked.

>> root logins -15

> How do you know it is a root login, and not Jane Random Luser?

Jane Random Luser's login shell doesn't run as root (I hope).


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