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    SubjectRe: changes in df
    Lars Marowsky-Bree <> writes:

    |> On 2000-03-15T21:08:51,
    |> Andreas Schwab <> said:
    |> > Hmmmm, SUS2 does not define any special meaning for -1 in struct statfs.
    |> That was why I was asking what the specs say.
    |> > What's wrong with using zero as before??
    |> Because the man pages said "-1" instead of 0, so one of them was wrong. If "0"
    |> is good, this tiny issue warrants no further discussion ;)

    GNU df already treats zero as a marker for "dummy filesystem" (only
    displayed with -a). So IMHO the change should be reverted, and the
    manpage should be fixed.


    Andreas Schwab "And now for something
    SuSE Labs completely different."
    SuSE GmbH, Schanzäckerstr. 10, D-90443 Nürnberg

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