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SubjectRe: Logical problem withj devfs/devfsd
Meino Christian Cramer wrote:
> Not under devfs! The symlinks show a (r-x)* mode.

Richard decided that's how devfs will work (r-x on symlinks). Normally
symlinks are always rwx, but Richard made the decision "to break
programs that oughtn't depend on this" as far as I can tell.

> Therefore the pcm and mixer devices are not accessible for writing.

Are you sure? As I understand symlinks, the permissions of the symlink
don't matter.

> If I compile a kernel with devfs support and no extra devpts support -- as
> said in the readmes for devfs -- I cannot use gpg via mew via xemacs: The
> passport dialog is not fetched by xemacs, instead it appears on the terminal
> from where xemacs was started (or in the depth of the windowmanager, if
> started via menu). Input of the passphrase is impossible in either
> case.

Ah, the old "controlling terminal" problem... Xemacs can't find a pty,
so it resorts to using a pipe to communicate with gpg. gpg opens
/dev/tty and you get the original terminal. Ick, ick.

-- Jamie

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