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    SubjectRe: 2.3.51 tulip broken
    On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, David Ford wrote:

    > Donald, is there a clean way to patch your tulip driver into the kernel (2.3.52
    > and up) now that there are numerous files involved?

    No, not easily or quickly. The 2.3 structure has been completely changed,
    starting from an old driver version. Re-implementing my updates would take
    two or three weeks.

    > I'm leaving PCMCIA issues out of this for the moment.

    They should be considered together: the CardBus (and hot-swap-PCI) design
    issues are tightly tied to the media selection issue. The driver must be
    prepared to reset and activate the transceiver after a resume from suspend
    state. This is different than a in-operation reset. (The former should
    retrigger autonegotiation, the latter should not.)

    > Can we get a tarball
    > release of your tulip driver now or if you give me guidance, I'll write up an
    > html page with the necessary instructions for swapping back and forth?

    Here is a recent version

    My internal version 0.92 has the following updates from v0.91x on that page:
    Various changes to the header files to track 2.3.* updates
    Change the interrupt mitigation setting on line 2733 to
    (Josip Loncaric at ICASE did extensive experimentation to develop a good
    interrupt mitigation setting)
    outl(0x8b240000, ioaddr + CSR11);

    Donald Becker
    Scyld Computing Corporation,

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