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Subject2.3.51 apm and usb uhci
Sorry about the cross post but it seems to involve both linux-kernel and
USB directly.

Two questions:

1. When I'm on AC Power should kapmd clock down the CPU during idle time?
It currently does and I don't think it should.

2. When I'm on battery power, this is what the CPU clock does:

[beldridg@tool bin]$ while :; do ./mhz.estimate ; sleep 1; done;
100.409094 MHz processor.
268.379899 MHz processor.
364.733462 MHz processor.
266.247847 MHz processor.
267.976658 MHz processor.

As activity increases, the speed increases. As activity decreases, the
clock slows down to conserve power.

However, if I insert the uhci module, the machine never clocks down:

[root@tool /root]# insmod uhci
Using /lib/modules/2.3.51/usb/uhci.o

[beldridg@tool bin]$ while :; do ./mhz.estimate ; sleep 1; done;
364.733596 MHz processor.
364.733125 MHz processor.
364.733188 MHz processor.
364.733640 MHz processor.

- brett

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