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    SubjectRe: 2.3.51

    >If you want it to run really sslloowwllyy, that's fine. But xargs
    >should be working anyway. Maybe there's a problem with the environment
    >space being too large (which I don't think xargs considers). `env -u'
    >command can be used to remove a large environment string, if there is
    >one inherited from `make' for example.

    it cannot be a problem with argument length - xargs doesn't have any.
    My guess is that make passes all its variables as environment variables
    to find|xargs, overflowing the environment space. This guess is confirmed
    by the fact that the command runs fine outside the Makefile.

    So the proper fix would be to prevent make from creating an environment.
    I'm no make expert, but moving the clean commands to an auxiliary shell
    script which may clean its environment is the only solution I currently

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