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    SubjectRe: Linux-2.3.51, and the pre-2.4 series..
    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > I just made a 2.3.51 release, and the next kernel will be the first of the
    > pre-2.4.x kernels. That does NOT mean that I'll apply a lot of last-minute
    > patches: it only means that I'll let 2.3.51 be out there over the weekend
    > to hear about any embarrassing problems so that we can start the pre-2.4
    > series without the truly stupid stuff.
    > There's some NFSv3 and other stuff pending, but those who have pending
    > stuff should all know who they are, and for the rest it's just time to say
    > nice try, see you in 2.5.x.
    > The pre-2.4.x series will probably go on for a while, but these are the
    > "bug fixes only" trees. These are also the "I hope a lot of people test
    > them" trees, because without testing we'll never get to the eventual goal,
    > which is a good and stable 2.4.x in the reasonably near future. Thanks,
    > Linus

    I am having trouble with ACPI + Sony VAIO notebook + 2.3.51. When
    compiled in,
    ACPI sez "BUG in io_remap line 72!" followed by a forced oops. In fact
    oopsing all over the place. I'll send details when I finish reading
    emails since
    2.3.51 barely runs at all for me and I've had to go to 2.2.14 just to
    send this.


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