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SubjectRe: (reiserfs) Re: patch: reiserfs for 2.3.49
I have put two guys to working full-time on VFS cleanup.

I understand that getting rid of iget is being discussed as part of improving
knfsd. So happy to see it go....

Currently having to find files by something other than a dentry or a filename
(or a key) uglifies our design. Even the use of a 64 bit number forces us to
use fixed length keys which forces us to use hashing which by destroying sorting
makes it impossible to use stem compression in our directories. (This affects
one of our web search engine sponsors who would like for 30 million entry
directories to fit into RAM in our next major version of reiserfs.) If knfsd
goes to using dentries to talk to reiserfs, we will be very happy.

Thanks much,


Linus Torvalds wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Mar 2000, Chris Wedgwood wrote:
> >
> > Can you run _all_ of the above at the same time on a a large machine
> > will gobs and ram and multiple processors? With the file
> > creation/deletion -- are you doing this to the same directories from
> > multiple threads at once?
> Now, now, don't be too harsh on the resierfs guys.
> Do we suddenly expect code to be bug-free before inclusion into the
> kernel?
> For rather obvious PR reasons I'd love to say "yes, we have a journalling
> filesystem these days" as part of the 2.4.x release stuff, so it does fall
> under the "drivers so cool that they might make it into 2.4.x". I don't
> think I want to see the read_inode() changes, though, that's just too
> ugly. I may like the PR angle of reiserfs, but that doesn't mean that I'd
> forget about things like these completely.
> But it looks to me as if the read_inode thing plus a few cleanups in
> raiserfs to take into account that the VFS layer does more these days
> would certainly make it a candidate for inclusion. Maybe not 2.4.0, but
> during 2.4.x. Don't be so down on the guys, there are people who really
> like actively using raiserfs..
> Linus

You can get ReiserFS at

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