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SubjectRe: 2.3.51-52.pre1, shm and mounting somewhere else than /var/shm...

Jeremy Katz writes:
> [ Monday, March 13 2000 ] had Petr Vandrovec saying:
>> is there any reason why SHM must be mounted on /var/shm? If I have
>> mounted it in /shmfs, it does following (with xawtv):
> [snip strace, etc]
>> When I mounted it in /var/shm, it works. Could not shm code start
>> walking tree in shmfs root instead of in real root on path /var/shm?
> Allow me to quote from Documentation/Changes:
> "To use System V shared memory, you have to mount the shm filesystem
> somewhere and put the mountpoint into /proc/sys/kernel/shmpath.
> Default is /var/shm."

Documentation doesn't a feature make. It seems odd that the kernel
would not know where a filesystem is mounted. The kernel, more than
anything else, ought to be aware of filesystem mount points.

BTW, /var/shm is a bad default. Stuff like this should be right on
the root because /var may be a separate filesystem that gets mounted
after the system already needs shared memory. (it would be even
better to let this filesystem hang loose, active but not part of
the normal tree at all)

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