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Subject[PATCH] Re: Linux 2.2.15pre14 minor issues
Hi, everybody.

Alan Cox <> writes:

> Ok everyone promptly found lots of bugs. The good thing is almost all of
> these are small but long standing issues, so we are starting to really shake
> out the obscure bugs the bigger ones masked.

I have two minor fixes I sent you in against 2.2.15pre13, they are still
pending for 2.2.15pre14, so I'm resending these.

They are:

1) fix drivers/char/ so that the MSP3400 module can actually be
configured (currently assumes MSP3400 is only found on BT848-style
cards, if that's not sure, it needs changing)

2) fix compile date in kernel tag line to be of C locale rather than
current user's locale (cosmetic, obviously correct).

Patches are attached below and can otherwise along with PGP-signed
MD5sum checks be found at:


Matthias Andree

Hi! I'm the infamous .signature virus!
Copy me into your ~/.signature to help me spread!
This is meant to allow for the MSP 3400 chip driver for v4l to be built.
To be applied against 2.2.15pre13

--- drivers/char/ Thu Mar 9 17:14:43 2000
+++ drivers/char/ Thu Mar 9 20:20:09 2000
@@ -150,6 +150,9 @@
if [ "$CONFIG_PCI" != "n" ]; then
dep_tristate 'BT848 Video For Linux' CONFIG_VIDEO_BT848 $CONFIG_VIDEO_DEV
+ if [ "$CONFIG_VIDEO_BT848" != "n" ]; then
+ dep_tristate 'MSP3400 sound chip driver' CONFIG_VIDEO_MSP3400 $CONFIG_VIDEO_DEV
+ fi
if [ "$CONFIG_PARPORT" != "n" ]; then
dep_tristate 'Colour QuickCam Video For Linux (EXPERIMENTAL)' CONFIG_VIDEO_CQCAM $CONFIG_VIDEO_DEV $CONFIG_PARPORTThis patch forces the kernel to bear proper language date rather than
some localized date which may come out wrong since the console fonts are
not yet loaded.

(C) 2000 by Matthias Andree. GPL, meant for inclusion into the Linux
Kernel by Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox et al.

Tested against 2.2.15pre13.

--- Makefile~ Thu Mar 9 17:16:59 2000
+++ Makefile Thu Mar 9 19:58:45 2000
@@ -282,8 +282,8 @@
@echo -n \#define UTS_VERSION \"\#`cat .version` > .ver
@if [ -n "$(CONFIG_SMP)" ] ; then echo -n " SMP" >> .ver; fi
@if [ -f .name ]; then echo -n \-`cat .name` >> .ver; fi
- @echo ' '`date`'"' >> .ver
- @echo \#define LINUX_COMPILE_TIME \"`date +%T`\" >> .ver
+ @echo ' '`LANG=C date`'"' >> .ver
+ @echo \#define LINUX_COMPILE_TIME \"`LANG=C date +%T`\" >> .ver
@echo \#define LINUX_COMPILE_BY \"`whoami`\" >> .ver
@echo \#define LINUX_COMPILE_HOST \"`hostname`\" >> .ver
@if [ -x /bin/dnsdomainname ]; then \
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