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SubjectYamaha Sounddrivers again writes:
> Hi developers,
> I just reread the thread on this topic but haven't got the
> clue yet where the problem exactly is.
> Having read the "documentation" of the YMF754 and YMF744 chips
> it seems to me that a soundcard containing this chips wouldn't
> even need bitfiddling to activate the sb-emulation because it
> it already activated. Maybe bit 0 in register 0x4C should be
> set which activates "Distributed DMA" but that is something I can't
> say because I don't know it.
> After all soundblaster should be available at 0x220 irq 5 dma 0
> or am I missing something?
> If something magic bit (like someone said) is needed to get set,
> why not activate legacy support on a win98 machine and compare
> the pci config space with the linux one? And which tool could
> be used under Win to get this information?

I tried to activate it on a 2.2.x kernel. In fact, there's even a bit
of scaffolding left in the source from a previous attempt (by Alan I
guess). All you get are time outs on the dma channel. A lot of people
have tried and this seems to be the general result.

Feel free to try though. If you get it to work, I'd be very

Lieven Marchand <>
If there are aliens, they play Go. -- Lasker

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