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SubjectRe: Some questions about linux kernel.
On Sat, 11 Mar 2000, Khimenko Victor wrote:

> Ok. This discussion is serveral YEARS old. So do not hold you
> breath. There were lots and lots of discussion about this and
> fewdifferent patches are floating around for ages (in 2.2.15pre
> some OOM patches was tried; perhaps 2.2.15 will include one of
> them). But ALL patches are designed to help in case of run-away
> process and NOT protect against malicious user.
> P.S. Of course if you'll be able to cook up patch and solve this
> outstanding problem still not solved after few years of
> exercises by Linux's memory wizards you are welcome. Just don't
> think it's so easy :-(

On the contrary, putting together a solution to this
problem is easy. The problem has been that people don't
understand the issues involved and start a flamewar as
soon as a patch (re)surfaces.

Also, making a solution that everybody agrees with seems
to be impossible in this situation :)


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