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SubjectRe: 2.3: pci_dev.driver
Martin Mares wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> > I notice that struct pci_dev only allows for one driver per device. What
> > should be done about devices like SIIG's multi-I/O cards that have
> > parallel port and serial ports on, but only have one device function (with
> > multiple I/O regions), for example?
> Argh, yet another company unable to understand PCI specs.
> My opinion is that we should have a single driver handling both
> port types.

I respectfully disagree ;-)

Consider the case where parport_pc and serial (and perhaps other
devices) register the same motherboard PCI device... I have already
hacked parport_pc to do motherboard detection of Via 686A parallel
ports, and plan to do the same for serial module and the motherboard
serial ports -- both of which are matched using the same PCI
vendor/device id.

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