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SubjectRe: memory tester and BP6 problems

> I'll second that... after buying into all of the hype on the BP6, I was
> sadly disappointed when I was left with a terribly unstable machine
> (this was before the "fix-it-all" latest BIOS upgrade and I've since
> gotten rid of the board). Unfortunately, the whole experience has soured
> SMP for me. I am hoping that should I decide to build another dual
> Celeron machine around an ASUS dual board, it'll be no less stable than
> any of the single CPU ASUS boards I've used with Linux.
Don't be soured on SMP. I have two Tyan Tomcats, a III and a IV, and they
both work excellently. If you've never looked into a tyan board, I highly
recommend them. They are top quality, and the price is reasonable, though
the can be hard to find.

Drew Sanford

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