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SubjectRe: Source Code Release of NWFS 2.0 for 2.2/2.3/2.4


At least your talking to me again now -- this is progress. Nobody ever
attacked anything, I asked questions about your stuff, you guys take
everything so personal -- it's not personal -- it's just business. I do
thank you for finally responding. Had you responded to my requests in
November regaring the raid driver rather than ignore me because you
didn't like the way we approached the problem, we would not have had to
write our own buffer cache (we could have simply collaborated on adding
what we needed to your RAID drivers which was my preference). You cost
me an additional $250,000 in salaries to engineers to do this. It would
have been much simpler to just help us use your stuff (which is very
good by the way).

I would still like to look at this possibility. I sent you the source
code for the nwvp.c modules that do the mirroring almost four months ago
-- you ignored them. I'll post the source code and you can look it over
and see how we could put this into a raid driver. There are still
issues with the buffer cache despite this, but I consider this
progress. I look forward to working with you on this if you want to.


Pavel Machek wrote:
> Jeff,
> What are you? Every second post from you is gem. You want to develop
> striping and do not know what raid is. Then you want to sue (forgot
> who) because he said something (and post Cc: of flames to l-k). Then
> you start attacking Alan, Alexander and everyone else. In the next
> mail you write that linux will be always inferior to WNT (and attack
> RedHat, just btw).
> Are you a elisa-like software trying to create biggest flames possible
> on l-k? Sentences like this would certainly work:
> > This is why Linux will ***ALWAYS*** be inferior to Windows NT/2000.
> Pavel
> --
> I'm "In my country we have almost anarchy and I don't care."
> Panos Katsaloulis describing me w.r.t. patents me at
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