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    SubjectRe: latest 'guaranteed low latency' patch against 2.2.14
    > how do you improve task-execution latency without rescheduling actually?
    > Short of adding new hardware, or without adding a new (limited) API to
    > execute user-specified code. Ie. how do you reschedule to a generic
    > user-task without actually rescheduling?

    Well, in NT, IRIX, BeOS, and (I think) Solaris tasks running in kernel
    mode can be preempted any time as long as they're not holding a spinlock.

    Certainly making a kernel preemptible increases complexity. I'd be
    interested in hearing about the tradeoffs here - hasn't Larry McVoy talked
    about this in the past on this list?

    > any device interrupt can be turned into an NMI interrupt - of course
    > special handlers have to be written, and careful coding is needed as no
    > other kernel facilities can be relied on.

    Won't this hose RT-Linux? If random device drivers start using NMI (as
    Alan Cox suggested in a different mail) then it would be really nice if
    there was a way to disable this behavior at compile time.

    John Regehr

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