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    SubjectRe: Strange Crashes with 2.3-42 and Athlon 500

    Hi Nasa

    [Posted and mailed]

    In article <001701bf71e5$74d615a0$4f00fea9@nasa>,
    nsmith <> writes:
    > Hi,
    > Hopefully I won't sound too stupid, but this has happened enough that I
    > thought it would be prodent to email the list for some advice. I have had
    > my system lock up after a period of time (2-4 hours?) of running with no
    > errors. I can't pin point what specifically is causing it as it seems to
    > happen somewhat randomly. I once thought it might be the bttv drivers or


    > My sytem is
    > Athlon 500
    > MSI motherboard
    > 128 SDRAM
    > 9.1 Western Digital Harddrive
    > 10.1 IBM Harddrive
    > PixelView TV card
    > SBLive! Soundcard
    > Creative Labs Anniliator Video card
    > USR 33.6 ISA Modem

    We have two boxes running the Athlon-500 on MSI boards. We found
    them to be stable using just one 128M DIMM, but as we add more memory
    the system gets *very* unstable immediately. Our conclusion is to
    ditch the MSI boards for ASUS boards. That will hopefully solve our
    Regards Andreas

    |Andreas Steffan Email: |
    |Hamburg, Germany Phone: +4940 60671180 |
    | Fax: +4940 60679767 |
    | mobil: +49179 3903615 |

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