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SubjectRe: Sysrq not working properly...


> > I just noticed that the sysrq comibation sysrq-u isn't
> > working properly here since at least 2.3.20 (I don't have
> > older kernels to test) up to 2.3.42. Even with a vital system
> > it won't unmount any of my partitions so a check is necessary
> > on the next startup...
> > Ideas?
> This is how SysRq-U is SUPPOSED to work :-) It even says so:
> -- cut --
> SysRq: Emergency Remount R/O
> -- cut --
> System is STILL mounted and so SHOULD BE changed after reboot. It's
> good idea:

No. System is supposed to come up clean after reboot. If it does not,
it is BUG. [I know, I designed sysrq.c with mj].
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