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    SubjectRe: 2.3.42 alpha updates
    While we are at the topic of the alpha port: is missing

    define_bool CONFIG_ISA y

    for those platforms which actually have an ISA bridge (like NONAME).
    Without this some working drivers, eg for the i82365 PCMCIA controller,
    will no longer compile.

    --- linux/arch/alpha/ Wed Jan 12 18:20:56 2000
    +++ linux/arch/alpha/ Sun Feb 6 17:44:40 2000
    @@ -72,6 +72,7 @@
    if [ "$CONFIG_ALPHA_NONAME" = "y" -o "$CONFIG_ALPHA_EB66" = "y" \
    -o "$CONFIG_ALPHA_EB66P" = "y" -o "$CONFIG_ALPHA_P2K" = "y" ]
    + define_bool CONFIG_ISA y
    define_bool CONFIG_PCI y
    define_bool CONFIG_ALPHA_EV4 y
    define_bool CONFIG_ALPHA_LCA y
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