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SubjectLFS (2+GB) problems.
Just resently I have started messing with the lfs facilities now
in place in the devel kernels and I have run into a few problems.

A bit of info on what I had to do to get the stuff to work (not problems
just general info)

o Install new glibc 2.1.3 snapshot (previous versions didnt know of
stat64 syscall?)
o Rebuilt fileutils to try and fix a problem
(see below it didnt fix anything unfortunately.)
o I ran the try-lfs program to create a file it maxed out at 4TB.
This seems ok?

Here are my problems:

o I can create files larger than 4GB BUT I cannot remove them cleanly.
o On a reboot e2fsck truncates any file larger than 4GB to 4GB.

I am not sure if these are userspace or kernel space problems... But I do know
that I now have a fully LFS aware rm... (I recompiled fileutils.) and it still
doesnt seem to work. However it definately looks like somewhere a 32Bit
number is being coerced into a 64Bit one... esp since 4GB is exactly 2^32...

Also... the first time I ran e2fsck it complained to me about having a large
file on the FS... It said I needed to turn on some flag in the superblock
(I cant remember the name) to enable LFS support... How do I turn it on
if e2fsck didnt already? What is the flag named? Is there any real docs
on how to set up LFS in linux? I cant seem to find any.

Any help in this issue greatly appreciated!

Mike Panetta

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