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SubjectRe: lfs (>2GB) under 2.3.47
>>>>> Ben LaHaise writes:

Ben> On Sun, 27 Feb 2000, ethan mindlace fremen wrote:
>> I have compiled and installed kernel 2.3.47 on my Debian frozen (potato)
>> box.
>> It works successfully. I need to use files in excess of 2GB, which
>> should be supported as far as I can glean.

>> Is there anything I can or need to do (no matter how experimental) to
>> get large files working?

Ben> Add the appropriate define of __USE_LARGEFILE64 or __USE_FILE_OFFSET64
Ben> (see /usr/include/features.h) -- try-lfs.c probably doesn't.

The defines are:
_LARGEFILE_SOURCE Some more functions for correct standard I/O.
_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE Additional functionality from LFS for large files.
_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=N Select default filesystem interface.

__USE_ is internal - you can't set it from your application - and if
you do, you might not get what you like.

Andreas Jaeger
SuSE Labs

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