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    SubjectRe: lfs (>2GB) under 2.3.47
    On Mon, Feb 28, 2000 at 04:52:36PM -0500, Ben LaHaise wrote:
    > On Sun, 27 Feb 2000, ethan mindlace fremen wrote:
    > > I have compiled and installed kernel 2.3.47 on my Debian frozen (potato)
    > > box.
    > > It works successfully. I need to use files in excess of 2GB, which
    > > should be supported as far as I can glean.
    > > Is there anything I can or need to do (no matter how experimental) to
    > > get large files working?
    > Add the appropriate define of __USE_LARGEFILE64 or __USE_FILE_OFFSET64
    > (see /usr/include/features.h) -- try-lfs.c probably doesn't.

    Read LFS specification part 3.3

    3.3 Accessing the Extensions to the SUS

    3.3.1 Compilation Environment - Visibility of Additions to the API

    Applications which define the macro _LARGEFILE_SOURCE to be 1 before
    inclusion of any header will enable at least the functionality
    described in 2.0 Changes to the Single UNIX Specification on
    implementations that support these features. Implementations that
    support these features will define _LFS_LARGEFILE to be 1 in
    <unistd.h>, as described in <unistd.h>.

    IF your libc and includes support kernel largefile stuff, then that is
    all you need to do. If they don't... Sorry, there is nothing YOU can do.

    The "try-lfs.c" program is one of those things created in a vacuum
    which have magic knowledge about one particular patchset contained
    values. It is not a generic program example.

    > -ben

    /Matti Aarnio <>

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