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SubjectRe: Linux's future: //posix/ipc, //root and so on ?

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> > implementation", no ? And my point was that why we need Linux is we want
> > JUST unix ??? There are already exists "just unix". Even free one (*BSD).
> > Of course we should not stuff Linux with additions without thinking.
> That is the real danger. There is a big opportunity to play. Up until this
> point we got most of where we are by looking back over 30 years of OS design
> and getting to a similar place. Our API's have years of hindsight for free.
> To borrow a quote from Vern Schryver:
> " It's not that the suggestions are not good ideas. That problem is that
> committees cannot say no to good ideas, while the one thing that matters
> above all in any design task is saying no to almost everything. "
> Linux-kernel is the committee in this case..
That's why the END WORD for any subject belond NOT to committee (lklm) but
to Linus -- person who CAN say no to good ideas is they are not good
enough :-)

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