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Subject1024 byte sector file system problem.
Hi all,

I recently purchases a Sony Optical drive SMO-551, which has 3 possible
types of media. one has 512 byte sectors, a 2nd has 1024 byte sectors, and
the 3rd has 2048 byte sectors.

I have an older SMO-451, which supports the 512 & 1024 byte sectors,
which runs flawlessly under 2.0.36, w/ the 1024 byte sector media.

I hooked the SMO-551 up to a new installation running stock RH 6.0,
kernel 2.2.5; the support for 1024 byte sector appears to be borken
in this kernel.

test 1) 512 byte sectors.

When there is a disk change, syslog reports:
kernel: SCSI device sdd: hdwr sector= 512 bytes. Sectors= 2244958 [1096 MB]
[1.1 GB]

When I fdisk, and set the disk geometry as 32x64x1096, I can properly do a

test2) 1024 byte sectors.

The disk change properly detects the 1024 byte media:
kernel: SCSI device sdd: hdwr sector= 1024 bytes. Sectors= 1273011 [1243 MB]
[1.2 GB]

Again, I fdisk, set the geometry to 32x64x1243 - my fdisk partition
looks as:
Disk /dev/sdd: 64 heads, 32 sectors, 1243 cylinders

Nr AF Hd Sec Cyl Hd Sec Cyl Start Size ID
1 00 1 1 0 63 32 1023 32 2545632 83

which is perfect. But when I mke2fs, I see error reports in syslog that tell
me that teh file system is trying to write beyond teh end of the media. For

mke2fs -m 0 /dev/sdd1
mke2fs 1.14, 9-Jan-1999 for EXT2 FS 0.5b, 95/08/09
Linux ext2 filesystem format
Filesystem label=
636928 inodes, 2545632 blocks
0 blocks (0.00%) reserved for the super user
First data block=1
Block size=1024 (log=0)
Fragment size=1024 (log=0)
311 block groups
8192 blocks per group, 8192 fragments per group
2048 inodes per group
Superblock backups stored on blocks:
kernel: SCSI disk error : host 2 channel 0 id 4 lun 0 return code = 28000002
kernel: Current error sd08:31: sense key Illegal Request
kernel: Additional sense indicates Logical block address out of range
kernel: scsidisk I/O error: dev 08:31, sector 2556060

Note that sector 2556060 is beyond the number of sectors in the fdisk table.

Doing this same thing will work properly on my older rh 4.1/Kernel 2.0.36
system, w/ the 1024 byte sector media. I considered the possibility that
this might be a problem w/ e2fsck, but I dismissed that, mostly because
1) 512 byte media is ok, and 2) I can take 512 byte media from the older
system, and mount it under 2.2.5, but I cannot mount a 1024 byte sector
media disk that I created, and use successfully under kernel 2.0.36; granted
2.0.36 could be borken, and I could be blissfully unaware, but still, I
should not be seeing these scsi errors writing beyond the end of the disk
when I mke2fs it.

I am perfectly willing to work w/ teh maintainer on this problem, and
help debug the kernel, but I'm not sure where (in teh kernel) to look
at (ext2 fs, scsi code, rw_ll_block, etc.)

At this point I am looking for hints as to which maintainer I should
contact, as a starting point.

thank you, and regards,


E-Mail: Gregory Hosler <>
Date: 28-Feb-00
Time: 14:54:06

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.


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