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SubjectRe: 1024 byte sector file system problem.
On Mon, Feb 28, 2000 at 03:11:29PM +0800, Gregory Hosler wrote:

> I have an older SMO-451, which supports the 512 & 1024 byte sectors,
> which runs flawlessly under 2.0.36, w/ the 1024 byte sector media.
> I hooked the SMO-551 up to a new installation running stock RH 6.0,
> kernel 2.2.5; the support for 1024 byte sector appears to be borken
> in this kernel.

Not necessarily broken, but the behaviour is a bit different
from what you thought it was. At some point in time it was
decided that the partition table is written in hardware sectorsize
units, not in units of 512-byte sectors. (No doubt because MSDOS
software does the same.)

This means that when you see

> kernel: SCSI device sdd: hdwr sector= 1024 bytes. Sectors= 1273011 [1243 MB]

and do

> Again, I fdisk, set the geometry to 32x64x1243

then you actually claim that there are 32*64*1243 = 2545664 sectors,
but there are only 1273011, so it is not surprising that you get
complaints about trying to write past the end of the disk.

Make sure you have a somewhat recent fdisk, so that you can specify
the sectorsize with the -b option, if necessary.


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