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SubjectRe: oom killing
On Sun, 27 Feb 2000, ADAM Sulmicki wrote:

> I was hoping it would never make to kernel, and if it did, it
> would never be enable by default. But it seems I was wrong on both
> accounts :(

> VM: killing process sendmail
> VM: killing process klogd

This is *NOT* the OOM killer I submitted to Alan. My killer
spits out different messages and tries to locate the memory
hog first so it avoids killing sendmail and klogd.

> and while I'm sending this email I can attach this debug info on
> elevator as well. Perhaps someone will find it usefull.
> __elevator_merge: req latency 3989 req latency 3977
> __elevator_merge: req latency 3878 req latency 3870

I believe Andrea (or someone else?) has pinned down and
fixed this error. Anyway, this is just some debugging
code you're hitting ... it should be completely harmless.

Development kernels are exciting, aren't they :))


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