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SubjectRe: IP changes in 2.3.4x make things wierd?
   Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 21:45:37 +1300
From: Chris Wedgwood <>

Testing this does seem to confirm this -- but setting IP_RECVERR
doesn't seem to restore the previous behavior? Am I missing

It's not meant to, IP_RECVERR works differently. You set the
MSG_ERRQUEUE flag in a recvmsg call and this is how you obtain
the IP_RECVERR descriptor blocks.

Look folks. All of these arguments are going on deaf ears, because
the old behavior is not coming back without a solution to the problem
which was solved. The problem we have fixed is several orders of
magnitude _worse_ than hostname or username lookups stalling for 30
seconds on a misconfigured system.

As for all the "distribution X is broken now" arguments. Have any
of you tried to use RARP with 2.3.x using the tools shipped by
any vendor in any release? It won't work, because we tossed rarp
from the kernel because it belongs in user space. Yet I hear nobody
crying about that.

I feel rather sure that when vendors ship 2.4.x supported kernels
for their distributions, they will also provide corrections for
these issues as well.

2.4.x is about moving on and fixing the problems of our past, not
being stuck with them forever.

Someone mentioned that Solaris deals with dead NIS servers etc.
It would be interesting for someone to find out (with strace or
something similar) how they detect the NIS server being down,
I would not be surprised if they used a timeout mechanism of
some sort.

David S. Miller

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