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    SubjectRe: Periodic RTC interrupt
    On Sun, Feb 20, 2000 at 02:07:16PM +0100, Guest section DW wrote:

    > > > What application need the /dev/rtc periodic interrupt? I'm porting to
    > > > a platoform which uses a M58T35 RTC which doesn't supply such an
    > > > interrupt, so the question is if it's worth to care at all and possibly
    > > > emulate an timer interrupt from another source.
    > >
    > > The RTC driver doesn't make much sense without interrupts...
    > hwclock tries to use /dev/rtc to read and set the hardware clock.
    > [Of course the idea is that if the kernel provides this access
    > then a userspace program need not try to access the hardware itself.
    > Today there are still machines where "hwclock --directisa" works
    > but "hwclock" fails, so the kernel code for rtc is not perfect yet.]

    I'd actually like to see --directisa support to be removed from hwclock or
    at least to be a #ifdef __i386__. The last time I had to hack hwclock for
    the n+1th MIPS port it was much more portable than it's predecessor clock
    but the direct port accesses still make it somewhat messy.

    What is the problem with /dev/rtc on those machines where hwclock fails?


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