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SubjectRe: 2.3.42: Strange memory corruption
On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Patrick Mau wrote:

> I have a really strange memory corruption problem with
> 2.3.42. My system configuration is as follows:

> After a few md5sums I get different checksums.
> Now I check the file with bzip2 and get a CRC error.
> Now I make a copy (plain 'cp') of that file.
> Then I repeat the above with the copy and get different
> checksums and also CRC errors from bzip2. (I expected that).
> --> Here comes the strange part <---
> Now I reboot into 2.3.30. Same config.
> And BOTH files, even the 'corrupt' copy, are
> correct. I can run the md5sum test AND can uncompress
> BOTH of them. I can always reproduce that.

This looks a bit like there might be a race with the
pagetable mapping or read()ing of the file. It would
explain the three `suspicious' segfaults I've seen in
the last few days...


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