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SubjectRe: es1371 in 2.3.46
Brad Campbell wrote:
> G'day all,
> Maiden post, so please be gentle..
> After wrangling with this driver for a while, it finally
> compiles with 2.3.46.
> It appears to have a problem with the /dev/mixer interface
> as it crashes any mixer app I try to run.
> I have a Gateway Solo 2150 Laptop with the Creative EV1938
> Sound chip, the main problem being I can get NO mixer
> control over this chip.
> 2.3.35 would compile and run ok, and the mixer would appear
> to work, but would make no change to the hardware..
> At least it did not segfault the mixers.
> I have tried aumix, xmix and wmmixer all to the same result..
> I have also tried booting with win98 first, setting the mixer
> and warmbooting. This seems to work for 2.2.14, in that the
> speaker works for console beeps, but the 2.2.14 driver won't
> talk to this chip. But when I boot any 2.3.x kernel it
> silences the whole thing on startup..
> Where to next.. I'm not proficient in C, but I'll take the
> time to do whatever it requires to solve the problem..
> Problem being, I don't know where to start...

There is a bug fix in 2.3.47-pre3, please upgrade.


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