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    SubjectRe: Of removable devices
    Khimenko Victor wrote :

    > In <> Alan Cox ( wrote:
    > >> Eh? If one wants to pull the mounted device in the middle of write and
    > >> expects his data alive and well after that - well, he _is_ idiot. If you
    > >> want political correctness - please: comprehension-challenged. Better?
    > > End users don't always get it. They often aren't computing people. If they
    > > turn off the TV or pull the plug out of the wall the TV doesnt break.
    > If will switch gear on full speed improperly (without pressing "unmount"
    > button by foot :-) you'll need to repair you car in no time. On most current
    > cars there are automatic gear. PC does not have automatic gear for floppies
    > yet. Is this explanation too complex for "non-computing people" ?
    > > You need to think outside the computing mindset - not even neccessarily
    > > into brightness either - someone can be very bright and utterly incapable of
    > > relating to computers.
    > Can he/she drive ?
    > > At the same time - the fix is hardware, the PC isnt fixable for this the
    > > CD-ROM drives are. The 2.2.x supermount stuff does that bit right
    > Exactly. As far as there are no automatic gear for floppies you can not
    > avoid manual unmount if you want reliable work.

    But you CAN ,as at least AmigaOS proves.

    If you didn't understand it at first, I'll repeat it :
    IT CAN BE DONE !!!!!!

    > P.S. BTW ZIP drive HAS needed knobs in place: when I press "Eject" button in
    > Windows I get message ON SCREEN "You are trying to eject disk while it's in
    > use. Ok, Cancel ?" (translation from Russian). If I press Ok disk is ejected,
    > if press Cancel disk will not be ejected. So at least for ZIP drive you can
    > implement proper supermount (with small change in kernel and autofs) --
    > hardware supports it.

    But who gets the dialog ? Which user ? And if nobody is logged in ?

    I answered ( in short ) these questions in my other post.
    Anyone using common-sense can answer them , so I will not repeat it

    David loosing-the-nerve Balazic

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